Understand your Shooting Behavior

Today’s topic is a topic you hardly find in any of the photography books in the market.

“our Shooting Behavior” 

model : Collins Tin

A simple way you can see what & how your shooting behavior is…
View all your images in a picture viewer with thumbnail view mode. I suggest you do this on a bigger screen, like on a computer screen.
You will see the pattern on how you captured your shots.

This is your shooting behavior.
(Don’t worry, there is nothing right or wrong to have that shooting behavior)

The most common one is our shooting angle, theStanding-Straight-Up angle & the Squatting-Down angle.


Why? Because these are our most comfortable positions.
Try & explore those angles outside your comfort zone. Who knows… you might find something you like.
(no guarantee that the new angles must be good, but at least you have more angles to shoot now)


Now that you are more aware of your own shooting behavior, & you have More Choices to express your images differently.

This tips is applicable to
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