how to bring back the Romantic feel of candle light dinner in photography?


Have you ever run into this kind of sutiation? You are at a candle light dinner, the ambiance & feel look very romantic, then you bring out your camera & take a picture, but the outcome doesn’t feel & look romantic.

This is all cause by one function in your camera called Auto White Balance (AWB)

White balance is made to color correct the light source so that a white color object look white. & most of the time, the default white balance on our camera is AWB. It will automatic correct the color based on different light to let me see the “true color”. No doubt it is a great feature for a camera.

yellow   white

But we are feeling-attached human. In our mind, a candle light dinner must be very yellowish or orangey color as we feel it is “warm”. (That is also why sometimes we call it “warm” color)

On the other hand, we attach a very “cold” feeling onto bluish (blue) color.

So in order not to let the camera to control the outcome of our images. We can manually set the white balance to different mode to express how we want our viewers to “feel”. Easiest way is make use of  the instant result of a digital camera, switching to different WB mode & snap one picture. You will see the result instantly.

Here are some sample images with different feel shot using different white balances (depend on different camera brand, there are many different preset of white balances). Select the “feel” you want your viewer to “feel”.

auto   incandescent   sunny

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