PHOTOKS street photowalk

Date : 8th Nov 2015

Venue : Central Market KL

Its a street photowalk session by PHOTOKS group with the theme “Create a Story inside a Picture”. The walk were started at Central Market KL. Its a shiny day with a beauty sunlight in the morning. For the first session they give a talk how to play with the light and shadow.

The group also give a sharing session about the framing. Its a simple framing about the subject and the background with a story inside. Its a good day with the good natural light that can create a feel and mood inside the picture.

But in the afternoon, there was raining during the street walk session. We take the opportunity to take a challenge to shoot in the raining. Its a nice session with a lot of info that we can take from it. And for sure its a lot of fun when we take a picture in the raining.

Its a good session with a theory and practical during  the photowalk.

Hadi Nik

I like to shoot people's life at the street. I always want to learn about new chapter in photography. All the image are from my view as a normal person who like to see the art in photography.

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