Apr 2016 : Faces of cities

Born in 1985 in Tochigi, Japan.
Works as Photographer and WebDesigner.


I’ve photographed surface appearances of cities. The surface layer seems settings showing the superficial layer; they, of course, must include their cultural aspect.

Actually there’s a culture in the stream of globalization in the world nowadays. Through fashion, buildings, system of economy and so on, we notice that. These things change the people’s lives in a primal level. This kind of “culture”, here we call it “the culture of globalization”, make the figure of cities and clothes of citizens similar to each other. But every city has another aspect; small pieces of difference. In the macro level we consider that all of them are the same, whereas in the micro level we exactly experience that they have something irreplaceable in their own culture; each country has own community, which is surely different from others.

The “globalization” is a system. Installed this system in the owner, things on surface layers turns into a closely resembling figure. The life styles connected to “the culture of globalization” are getting copied and propagating through the world, as if movies gone rounds. As blockbuster movies, this action manufactures “a culture a little different but with the same base”. On pictures alike things have come out. We can find, however, that actually there’re something particular in their own culture from the screen. This system, “the culture of globalization”, become more multifaceted by itself, and copies itself and paste into another; new actors and new places bring new spices on “the culture,” and finally increases their own spread.

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Mun Hoo

photographer based in Malaysia.
Specialized in creating experience (telling story) thru his images.
Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo 1995.
Hosting photography workshops since 2012.
Mun Hoo
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