May 2016 : Beyond the land

Contemporary photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. She was born in Osaka and started studying photography in Brazil. Now working in Asahi Shimbun publications as an exclusive photographer. The main theme of her art works is cultural anthropology especially about colonial history.

The vestiges of colonial history continue to live deep in the society, politics, cultures and people across the world. Symbolic monuments stand as negative legacies unbroken by local residents. Houses built by colonists will be demolished as well.

In Taiwan and South Korea, which was under rule by the Japanese government towards the end of the Second World War, several houses built by the Japanese still remain . As Japanese colonization progressed, a lot of Japanese people moved across the sea. In these foreign countries, they constructed houses of Japanese style to live in. However as the war ended, Japanese people were displaced from the countries and the houses were destoryed local residents. A few residences are remained and some of them are utilized until today.

 In my practice I wondered if I wanted to sympathize with immigrants who missed their own country. In Taiwan and South Korea, I was looking for a figure of past Japan through the forgotten houses. This might have been because the Japanese houses reminded me of my own childhood home.

 However, as the project progressed, I found myself having another feeling beyond nostalgia. There was an atmosphere in the residences that were lived by various people throughout the ages. The time I passed in the houses made with mixed cultures is totally different from that of normal houses I have experienced in Japan. The Japanese houses settled down in Taiwan and South Korea told a history of Japan clearly. In this project, I wanted to keep the time distorted by the colonization through observing these houses.

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Mun Hoo

photographer based in Malaysia.
Specialized in creating experience (telling story) thru his images.
Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo 1995.
Hosting photography workshops since 2012.
Mun Hoo
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