vol.4 // About the gap between scenery 70years ago and ours

Again, I went around the coast area to see what like the scenery now is. That’s because mostly the coast areas are reside in a landfill and even in the map the shape of coastal line is quite different from that of the day.

They, troops from the U.S., landed from vast area of the west coast. The farthest north point was Sobe in Yomitan, and the farthest south one was Mihama in Chatan. The distance is about 10km. Even now by car it takes around 30 minutes. Last time I noted about three points I visited. This time am I writing the view of Sunabe in Chatan, this area is the very calm residential district; very quiet in the day time, and the sound we can hear is only the voice of the wind and the surf. There is a supermarket, and I’ve dropped in. There I saw two guys shaking hands each other, who said like this: “Oh, long time no see! What are you doing here?” “Well, now I’m spending my holiday with my brother. What’s up?” “Quit well. And you?” “Good. Thanks. So, let’s go for a drink next time.” “Of course sure. Bye!”


These young men were smiling. The sky was blue, without any clouds, and sunbeams were streaming. How can we imagine that this area was the bottom of the sea, and 70years ago, the first battle occurred?

The other side of the Route 58, the big camp occupies vast area. But even in this camp, it seems very calm.  It doesn’t seems there’s a conflict. Just being together; I don’t know what is the correct guessing.

The first battle had continued for around 5 hours, and finally the Japanese battery was fully destroyed.

The cummunication slodier, Mr. Yamada, reported unflappably that the enemies had come up to only 100meters from him, though, soon after that completely the HQ stopped hearing from him.(according to 陸上自衛隊富士学校 [戦闘戦史防御編])


Of course we can find a story as walking in the real scenery today, though, the act to look for a historical view, which is slipping out of people’s memory due to the flow of the time, would show us another story.

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