Night before Hari Raya

‘Baraan’ is a traditions that come from the Javanese descent who still practised in our country Malaysia. It is a group that will visit the neighbors during Hari Raya.

At my hometown (Kg Selayang Indah), this tradition will be held on the eve of Eidulfitri or Eiduladha. They will be split into several groups and will move according to their respective areas.

Each group will recite takbir Hari Raya and prayers in each house visited. They will be served for a meal to celebrate Hari Raya together.

This is a tradition that should be continued by the next generation. It can strengthen the relationship between the neighbors in the communities.

“Selamat Hari Raya”


Hadi Nik

I like to shoot people's life at the street. I always want to learn about new chapter in photography. All the image are from my view as a normal person who like to see the art in photography.

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