vol.5 // Guessing how “they” had felt.

As having written here before, I’m looking for the places where the battle had happened. I noted; “we cannot find any scenery of in 1945 from the present terrain”, and it’s true.

Now I read this article, and thought something.
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After the U.S. army having landed, they headed south. Japanese headquarters of Okinawa was put in Shuri castle. It’s far southern from the point where they’d landed. Now I’ve visited several places in the same season; hot, humid and sundrenched weather and sometimes typhoons hit. This situation might have made them indisposed. Even though they hadn’t moved ahead, the climate would rob their energy. If they’d gone forward, Japanese soldiers would try killing them. 

I’m a Japanese, but when I stand on the field where both of “them” had fought, like I’m a stranger, I feel fear of the battle. Of course, Japanese guys had felt fear, but the loneliness fighting farther away from their own hometowns should’ve been stronger.

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