vol.6 // one of the hardest Battles fought there

“Oh, I didn’t know that such a place is so near from my place…” One of my friend, he’s from Hawaii and lives in Okinawa for this several years, told me like that. When we talked about Battle of Okinawa, I asked him what he knows about the battle. I, as a Japanese, know very little, but most of those knowledges are things from Japanese side; killed, bombed or civilians got involved and suffered. Usually these stories are harked back as sad and painful stories, and always the military of the U.S. are the enemy. But this is just only one aspect. How American people felt? Some must have felt fear. They must have wanted not to come. Of course I can imagine, but I wanted to know how American people now think and talk about this matter.
In usual life, we of course don’t think about the war. But precisely because nowadays many people are fighting around the world, we have to think about the people in war places.

It was a sunny day, and very hot. My friend from Hawaii, noted above, and I walked to a place, called as Rocky Crags. Since he studied Okinawan culture in university he got interested in my project.
There, at Rocky Crags, both sides fought and died from 19th April to 22nd. It’d taken 4days. From the U.S. 7th Army, more than 240 people had hurt and died.
He and I climbed the hill. Now very near from this hill, the expressway runs, and because of it, most of this hill had been broken down. So this is only some parts. One of hardest battles was fought here, though, only few people have known the fact and the history of this place and the place is being disappearing from maps. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

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