Alpha Girlfriends Workshop Dec 2016

As more and more ladies showing interest in photography, Sony Malaysia started a series of photography workshop call Alpha Girlfriends Workshop; specially for female only.
Compared to the normal workshops, Alpha Girlfriends Workshop has lesser element of technical & how to, but instead focus more on capturing the “feel”.
The workshop took place in a cafe. More than 30 ladies attended the workshop. Sony Malaysia also prepared some cameras & lenses to loan to those who don’t have a camera. So that everyone could learn & experience during the hand-on session during the workshop. Topics covered in the workshop were topics that ladies are interested in. Such as Henna & Mesmerizing, Food Photography & Fun decoration with Macarons. There were 3 trainers sharing their tips on how to capture the feel in each field.
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Mun Hoo

Visual Experience specialized photographer based in Malaysia.
Specialized in creating experience thru his images.
Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo 1995.
Also a trainer for Sony Malaysia on Alpha Photography Workshop.
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