Mar 2017 : Social Gesture

Photographer/Japanese b.1988, Tokyo
A member of the TAP Gallery(

Kosuke Koyama is a contemporary photographer living and working in Tokyo Japan. His latest work “Social Gesture” chronicles his travel around the Southeast Asian countries during a half year of 2016, stops in Taipei, Bangkok, Hong kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo with some rural communities along the way. He photographed the street as a inorganic urban landscape, and also he used the camera as a tool to create a contact, a closeness and a intimacy with the people. His voyage along the 5 metropolises of the Southeast Asia present day, was an investigation about what the difference between oneself and the others, and what emotional states control us, inspire us, and connect us. The urbanism is leveling our sense of values fixed, with hiding the grotesque of the human being by bones of steel frames and muscles of the concrete. However, we still can observe the raw living skins, shapes and emotions of the people on the street as a social gestures. And then we know, that the world is made from people’s emotions.

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Mun Hoo

photographer based in Malaysia.
Specialized in creating experience (telling story) thru his images.
Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo 1995.
Hosting photography workshops since 2012.
Mun Hoo
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