Memoir of Pulau Ketam 2017

Pulau Ketam, 28th Jan 2017.

FJM street outing.

During the Chinese new year (28th Jan 2017), Malaysia Street Photography Community group (FJM), take the opportunity to go and see the activities at the island known as Pulau Ketam when the festival was taking place.

As usual the group were moved as early in the morning heading to the Port Kelang KTM Komuter station. From there they headed to the island by the boat that has been provided.

On the island, the situation is so lively with the presence of many family members that return to their families home. All the activities were recorded by the group while the others were giving guidance to those who interested in street photography genre.

This is the street photo outing that created by FJM group during the Chinese New Year celebration. A lot of experience can be taken from the excitement of the celebrations in the villages occupied by the majority of the Chinese population.

Memoir of Pulau Ketam 2017.


Hadi Nik

I like to shoot people's life at the street. I always want to learn about new chapter in photography. All the image are from my view as a normal person who like to see the art in photography.

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