In our life, we will communicate with each other in a desire to deliver our need. Even when we are in solitude, the desire to communicate still exist so that we can release what is hidden in our heart. It will create a very strong feeling that full of emotion. It’s a feelings of love and affection to each other.

The question is…

Is it permanent?

Is it a lie?

Is it a coincidence?

Or Is it just to suit your needs.

A series from young talented street photographer name Raven Corvus aka Anang Hanafi. He like to shoot on the street wherever he go with his compact camera. He is a hobbyist self-taught photographer. He loved capturing moments from the daily life began in  mid-2016. Please refer to the link below for his artwork :


Hadi Nik

I like to shoot people's life at the street. I always want to learn about new chapter in photography. All the image are from my view as a normal person who like to see the art in photography.

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