Photo Exhibition : Seeing Silent Speaks


There is a contemporary black & white photo exhibition by an award winning photographer; Adam Tan.

First experience after entering the gallery, a very calm and relaxing black and white series.
Adam were shooting his work with long exposure, converting “motion” or “busy” element into “smooth” element, he also used the idea of minimalist, putting a lot of empty spacing within his frame, giving viewers a very relaxing feel.
It is a prefect “escape”for the mind from the busy lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur City.

The exhibition is running till end of April 2017 at Leica Store Malaysia, Avenue K.

Venue : Leica Store Malaysia, Avenue K
Date : 10 March 2017 – 30 April 2017
Time : 11:00am -7:30pm
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Mun Hoo

photographer based in Malaysia.
Specialized in creating experience (telling story) thru his images.
Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo 1995.
Hosting photography workshops since 2012.
Mun Hoo
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