Hanami – As I see it

The train station is a maze of tunnels. Knowing which line, platform number and the time of arrival of the train are key to getting the right one

Kids being kids were toying with each other. However they did this silently as the etiquette is not to make any noise that may disturb other passengers

Along the way, solitary sakura trees in full bloom in front of some office buildings makes a good private spot away from crowds

On the left of Hanzomon gate beautiful sakura trees can be seen lining the main street

Mats are laid out for the hanami parties. This couple came earlier to start the preparation

Some came early to book a spot and catch a snooze whilst waiting

Office parties as well

Including wine for toasting and celebrating

Selfies and wefies, aplenty

Proud parents and cute kids

All to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of spring that nature brings to us

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