Rakan KL photowalk in Chow Kit

On 29th April, Rakan KL took some photographers for  a walk around Chow Kit.

We met at Tune Hotel KL and made a stop at Kudu bin Abdul Nasi Kandar Penang.

On the wall were pictures of the late P. Ramlee who frequented this place. The owner had operated this place for the last 24 years

“Teh Tarik” means pulled tea, which is a skilled process of pulling the steaming hot tea across two containers to froth and cool down the tea.

We also stopped by some sunset industries such as the rattan furniture maker here

Then we headed to the Chow Kit market and saw some very old houses with nice spiral staircases but was unfortunately not in good shape

There was interesting activity at the market especially the vendors wielding their knives to cut up their produce or sharpening their knives

We also stopped by a 50 year old medical hall that had been operated for the last 35 years by the current owner

Which still have some of the antique tools such as the weighing scale

Mr Yap who operates the shoe shop with his 2 sisters explaining the different types of feet he has to customize the shoes for.

One of the tools used in stretching the shoe

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