Insights of Ben Lowy, Conflict Photographer in Warzones

In conjunction with the A9 launch at Pudu Plaza, Sony Malaysia brought in Ben Lowy, known for his photos in warzones to share the stories behind his photos.  What drives him to take these assignments flouting danger everyday, being shot at or being caught in an explosion. He thinks it is cool and fun.  According to Ben, a photograpaher makes images instead of taking images because the image is subject to the way the photographer wants it to be viewed. Ben also experiments constantly. He had created a Holgar themed panoramic which took 12 hours to make and an entire Haitian earthquake which is 20′ high x 24′ long which took 3 weeks to get the images and 18 hours to print. He also experimented with night vision goggles attached to his camera body with oral floss thread. He is also an advocate of phone camera for assignments where instant social media sharing is required. During hurricane Sandy, he did a time magazine cover with iPhone on Instagram. On shooting wild animals, “animals see the camera as an unblinking eye challenging their dominance, so I flip the camera down at intervals to simulate the blinking eye” Ben also did a 6 years project just capturing photos out of the screens of the armoured car to depict how most of the soldiers would see Iraq. These images are available in a book now.

You can check out more of Ben Lowly’s amazing work at www.

Full audience attendance at Ben Lowly’s talk.

The camera is a shield from my empathy.

It is important for me to try and talk to people, having a camera is a good excuse.

This image changed the scope of my photography about creating an image that makes people want to know more about the image. It is like a hook.

I wanted to give back and contribute with my photography. This photo of an oil spill is titled “A beautiful catastrophe” I jumped into the sea and photographed straight down. I had to slowly shaved off the hair on my legs to remove the oil sludge stuck to it.

Participants were given a chance to try out the Sony A9 on some dancers

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