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On one bright sunny day you invited a model to the park to take photo. After some shots, you decided to have some shots on the grass area. When you look thought your finder, you start to notice that the bottom part of model face has some green color patches (green cast in photography term) in the shadow area.

Have you even come across this kind of situation?


you can notice some green cast in these shadow area


These is actually due to the bright sunlight shine onto the grass, the grass surface acts as a huge green color reflector. Bounces ONLY green light to the bottom of the model face. The brighter the sunlight is, the stronger the green light will be reflected onto the model face.


As green color doesn’t make human’s skin tone look good, let us share a way to remove that.

What we need to do is.. put the white surface of our reflector on the ground. If you don’t have a reflector, a white cloth can also do the job. (silver surface of the reflector is not good for this situation as  it reflecting too much light to the bottom of the model face)


you can actually turn the “green light” into “fill light” to these shadow area


See you next tip !

Model : Kay

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