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Every week we share one simple photography tip. Easy to remember & apply in your upcoming photography project.

2 weeks ago, we learned about framing to the left or to the right can tell a different story.

Let’s talk about “positioning” this week.
Positioning plays very important role in a picture, depend on how we position our model, we are creating a different story.

By giving more space in front of the model face, our brain actually FEELS “more room” or “more air” for the model to breathe. We normally use this positioning to express happy, relaxing & some other positive feeling.


On the other hand, if we want to express sad, depressed or some other negative feeling, we can actually position our model face close to the edge of the photo. With lesser room in front the model face, our brain actually felt tension, no enough “room” or “air” to breathe. Not so comfortable feeling.


So, now you understanding how human brain reacts to these positioning, let’s make use of this tip (combining with model’s expression) to create the “feel” that you as a photographer wants to express in your upcoming photography project.

See you next tip !

Model : Kay

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