Simple tip : Frame to the left and to the right


Every week we share one simple photography tip, so that you don’t get confused. Easy to remember & apply it in your upcoming photography project.

Positioning the model in the center of the frame.


Yes, this is the most common photo shooting behavior everyone has. Nothing wrong about it.

As most of the camera’s (main) focusing point is in the center, beginners tend to “attach” to it all the time.

Next time, when you take photo of model, add another 2 more shots after you did the center framing.

i. off center to the camera left


ii. off center to the camera right


Totally different feel, when you place your model on the left & right in the frame.

Now you have more choices of framing to express your photo by simply panning your camera to the left or right. Then choose the best framing that suit your story.

See you next tip !

Model : Kay

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