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Every week we share one simple photography tip. Easy to remember & apply in your upcoming photography project.

When we do portrait photography, there are angles that background is too outstanding than our model (main subject). The first thing a viewer see might not be the model but the background.


Before we go into different solutions, let’s take a look at how our eyes work.
When we look at one place, our eyes don’t see everything, but our eyes focus on one point, follow with another point and the process continues.
And the first point our eyes picked up are brightest point & area with sharp color, followed by dark area as well as darker color area.

Here is flow on how our eyes react to brightness & colors


Now we know that a colorful background will take away the attention from our model. You can make your model stand out by choosing a not-so-saturated-color background.

A simple background is a good choice.


Blurring the background is another effective way to do.


If you really don’t have any choice on the colorful background, removing the color by converting the photo into black & white image can actually help bring back the focus to our model.


Now you can direct how someone look at your photo, let’s make our model be the first point to look at.

See you next tip !

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